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Community Transitional Services (CTS)

Community Transitional Services (CTS) are defined as individually designed services intended to assist a waiver participant to transition from a nursing home to living in the community. CTS provides funding for the reasonable costs of one-time set-up expenses for individuals transitioning from a nursing home to their own home or apartment in the community. Reasonable costs are defined as necessary expenses for an individual to establish their living space. Per the waiver manual, this service includes the cost of moving furniture and other belongings; security deposits; broker’s fees required to obtain a lease on an apartment or home; purchasing of essential furnishings (e.g., bed, table, chairs, and eating utensils, including delivery and assembly); set-up fees or deposits for utility or service access (e.g., telephone, electricity, heating); and health and safety assurances such as pest removal, allergen control or one time cleaning prior to occupancy.

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