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Employment Opportunities

Interested in employment opportunities with ARYCSS, LLC?

Apply below to become a member of our team!

Available Opportunities


The term “caregiver” is mostly used for people who provide non-medical services to the disabled, elderly or children even though a caregiver might work in any setting. The Caregiver, under Care Coordinator supervision, assists individuals with supportive services in order to help them meet their needs. The supportive services can include in-home and/or community services as identified and requested by the client and/or family member. Caregivers may provide all support services that they qualify for or be selective in which support service he/she wishes to provide

Community Integration Counselor (CIC)

Community Integration Counselor is responsible to develop services individually designed to improve the ability of the waiver participant to adjust & cope with limitations and challenges that their disability has left them with.

Independent Living Skills Trainer (ILST)

Independent Living Skills Trainer is responsible to develop services individually designed to improve the ability of the waiver participant to live as independently as possible in the community.

Service Coordinator

Service Coordinator is responsible to work cooperatively with a waiver participant throughout the development of the Service Plan and implementation process. The Service Coordinator is further responsible for assuring that there is adequate coordination, appropriate communication, and maximum cooperation between all sources of support and services for the waiver participant.

Social Day Program Assistants/Volunteers

These are paid or unpaid positions that are essential in supporting the Social Day Program activities and participants in engaging in various activities/outings. Experience working with the elderly or disabled individuals is preferred! New team members joining our Social Day Program must complete our training curriculum prior to joining our group which also includes CPR & First Aid certification!

Promoting Quality of Life for the Elderly & Disabled!